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Angry Birds Friends 1.0.2 For Android

Selamat malam sobat semua, sebelum tarawih admin mau share game lagi nih untuk android. yaitu angry birds friends apa bedanya angry birds friends sama angry birds versi yang lain? bedanya adalah di versi angry birds friends ini kita bermain secara online dan melawan teman-teman yang bermain angry birds friend ini juga tetapi sesama anggotanya yang ada di facebook.

- Tournaments with new levels every week!
- Challenge your Facebook friends for bronze, silver, and gold trophies!
- Brag, send gifts, and invite your Facebook friends to play!
- Four classic power-ups, plus one exclusive to Angry Birds Friends on mobile!
- Daily rewards!
- Free bird-coins just for completing the tutorial!
- Syncs automatically with your game on Facebook!

Requires Android : 2.2 and up

Download : Angry Birds Friends 1.0.2 For Android | Mediafire (35 MB)

Password : serupting

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